Resilient Leadership

the evolving workplace

Increased mobility, new technologies, global scale, and virtual work are creating challenges never seen before, leaving many people exhausted from the stress of constant change and challenge. Leaders who develop their ability to sense stress and regulate themselves emotionally can overcome this stress and maintain their best performance under pressure. Those who can’t respond become more reactive and less effective as time goes on.

an enlightened approach

Our resilience building toolkit helps leaders identify stress, understand reactivity triggers in themselves and others, regulate emotions, and build stronger relationships. Practical cases and exercises and our Resilience Builder Assessment for tracking resilience levels help leaders apply their learning in daily relationships and work.


Key Outcomes

  • Learn the neuroscience behind stress and how to optimize thinking and performance 

  • Learn simple tools to emotionally regulate self and others as part of a daily operating rhythm  

  • Develop a personal resilience toolkit based on a self-assessment  

  • Refine personal toolkit through feedback based on practice exercises