Coaching4Performance is a specialized form of team coaching that is targeted for immediate impact on business outcomes. This process begins with a survey of the existing culture to identify areas of strength and opportunity. We then work with a senior steering team to review the survey results and create a change blueprint for improvement which shows the path forward across levels from senior leaders to front-line supervision and their teams. Once the path forward is clear, the Kintla team develops a toolkit and process for building leadership skills and fluency needed to catalyze the change.

Typically, leaders from middle management to front line supervisors participate in a skill-building workshop followed by on-the-job practice with brief individual coaching. They also return to the team setting to share ideas and learn from each other in cohort coaching (typically in groups of 4-6). Each individual and team track their business impact and discuss how their behavior and relationships impact outcomes.

As with everything we do, the team learning sessions and practice focus on behaviors required in getting the work done as well as resilience building and relationship skills that help build trust and create psychological safety. To support their self-awareness and development, we encourage leaders to use our Resilience-Builder App to track their daily stress and regulation levels for discussion with the coach and their cohort. 


Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to conduct practical, positive coaching conversations that lead to high performance

  • Learn to regulate emotions and relate to others as a way of maximizing coaching impact

  • Practice applying simple, immediate changes that work in as little as 15 minutes per day

  • Develop a personal toolkit that fits individual styles and has sticking power

  • Understand the neuroscience behind emotions, motivation and coaching as a base for ongoing learning